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About Us



We are innovationists and we work with you to create ideas worth buying.

We are a collection of free-thinkers; experimenters and insight hunters who get incredible satisfaction out of helping people imagine, create and launch ‘Ideas Worth Buying’.

That means we create, find and build ideas that grow to become new brands, new products, new services, new strategies, new launches and even new people!

Working with jump! innovation, insight, positioning and strategy tools and thinking frameworks, we facilitate client teams through a focused and stimulating set of steps.

These steps build from an initial business challenge though to innovation, insight and a brand that’s ready to brief for implementation.


We do all of this for global and local challenges.

And we’ve been doing it since 2004.

Our Philosophy


We believe that ‘courage always wins’.

We have learned that the greatest ideas – ideas worth buying – come from clarity of purpose, provocation of minds, fresh insight and the courage of individuals.

We live this through our values of:

Get into it – great insight (and fun!) comes from empathy and involvement.
Push it – go further than the rest
Say it – ‘speak the truth, even if your voice shakes’

So everything we do, every study we commission, every book we read, every concept we build, every talk we give, every hangover, stomach bug, bed bug, first class flight, breakfast rave and lunchtime stroll we take, is to help people create and commercialise ‘ideas worth buying’.

And we love it.




jump!’s High Hopes Rubberneck

On April 20th, several hundred people gathered in the Garden of Remembrance in Dublin City Centre to protest for the legalisation of cannabis.

We thought it looked interesting and wanted to see what it was all about. Our afternoon was spent chatting and mingling with people to see what some of the big energies emerging from the day were.

Read our High Hopes Rubberneck and inhale all of the insight you can to see what your brand could learn from our Protest People’s responses.

It might spark up an idea or two.


jump!’s High Hopes Rubberneck



Paul Kelders

Managing Director &

Desert Runner

Ruan McGloughlin


Mobile Photographer

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Lee Geraghty

Partner- Head of Market

Heartthrob Cyclist

Sinead O’Connell


Long Distance Swimmer

Jenny Carroll

Senior Innovation Planner

Instagram Ogler

Maggie Matthews

Senior Innovation Planner

Wannabe Domestic Goddess


Tom Graham

Innovation Planner

Bedroom Guitarist

Darren Soon

Innovation Planner


Kim Comiskey

Innovation Planner

Documentary Filmmaker

Kait Quinn

Innovation Planner

Olympic Trials Swimmer


James Ferguson

Innovation Planner

Horse Whisperer

Ben Razey

Innovation Planner

Non-sequitur Logophile/Cheesemonger

Louis Geary

Innovation Planning Executive

Karaoke Bandit

Ross Kelly

Innovation Planning Executive

Turntable Pilot


Aubree Romano-Calderwood

Innovation Planning Executive

Queen of Socks


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