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Friday Check Out 08.05.15



What we’re trying out: My second colouring book

colouring book

It’s warm. Your mind is wandering. And no matter how heavy a caffeine shackle you attach to your inspiration’s ankles, you just can’t concentrate on that big project. You started colouring in all of the O’s on the page, crosshatching the empty boxes in tables, until about 15 minutes ago you accidentally made a mark that kind of looks like the a chicken foot and you ended up drawing the whole thing. Now the chicken is sitting on a branch with what don’t quite look like apples and dots that were originally chicken feed but now he’s 6 feet up a tree they look more like a swarm of flies and voilá, you’ve achieved nothing.

Doodling might just be shrugged off as procrastination, but two of the top selling books on Amazon are, would you believe, adult colouring books. It would seem that science says that play isn’t just for the young, and colouring in specifically helps stimulate areas of the brain involved in motor skills and generally speaking, will make you happier. The trend of health benefits from play for adults is coming to the surface more and more, with the likes of adult summer camps and ball pools in the office becoming more common place – it would seem we need a play catch up as much has we need sleep.

Sometimes it’s hard to start with a blank page, it’s intimidating – so maybe to be more innovative we need to start colouring in? Fill in the blank space with colour until you have a mural from which you can shape ideas.


What we’re looking out for: Sofar so good


It’s a Wednesday evening, you’re halfway through the working week and you’d like nothing more than to just have a sit down with your friends and chill out. Your friend tells you to come over, bring a bottle of pinot and you’ll sit down and have a good time – no dressing up to the nine’s and staying out til 10am – just a nice catch up. Well imagine instead you went to someone else’s living room with your friend and it turns out there’s a celebrity sitting opposite you, and instead of sonos playing the music it’s actually 3 live acts. Just there. In the living room. 5 feet away from you. Sorry what is going on? This is Sofar sounds – the new intimate underground music experience. They put on over 100 secret concerts every month in over 100 cities, all carefully curated by their team. It takes place in intimate, unusual spaces – generally someone’s living room, and if you so happen to get accepted to go to the gig, you’ll be notified a week before the event takes place. It’s all about appreciating live music – so you won’t see phones being held in the air like lighters filming and recording – in fact you’re not even allowed to chat to one another, the sole purpose is to enjoy the music. Fellow jump!er Kim was at the last one and what did she think?


I love the emphasis they put on paying attention to the artists, everyone sits quietly on the ground, or spare sofas and for a couple of minutes you become mesmerised by the people performing. It also has the added spontaneity, you only find out the location and who is playing on the day, and you just grab drink and go!”


Oh wait I know that expression on your face – it’s the same as that smiling emoji. The trend of underworlding is getting bigger and bigger, but what’s really nice about this on in particular? No one’s using technology, people are forced to not give others FOMO (fear of missing out) and as hipster as it sounds, people are actually enjoying the music.



What we’re listening to: Shut up and Dance – Walk the Moon

Because sometimes you just need to get on with and not think about the restrictions



What we’re looking into: Polar opposite of wearable technology

If we sat you down and asked you to create an item of clothing that was technologically advanced, what route would you go down? Would you try and add some kind of smart touch phone app face connect motion sensor optics into a dress? Did any of you think to look at the science of nature? We’re the only ones who wear clothes after all. These guys at Hotsquash have bucked the trend for technological advances in clothing, and like how many designers have done before, and looked at nature’s scientific wonders. More specifically this time, they’ve been inspired by the wonders of the polar bear. Their two ranges consist of hidden technology. They’ve created what they believe is the first range of thermal dresses, trousers and blazers amongst others in their ThinHeat collection, using hollow-core fibres like those on polar bears to trap warm air to keep the cold at bay. Using the same principle, their CoolFresh collection help regulate your body temperate with its thermobuffering properties to protect you from temperature changes.

The innovation here is about tapping into the wondrous resources we already have, and much like the above topic of colouring books – if you’re really struggling to come up with a new idea, try looking at the wonderful things that are already happening, and see if you can use them to make something else better. You’ll probably find you create something totally new in the process.



And this is how we hope you’re feeling now it’s the weekend 

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