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jump! goes to Relæ restaurant, Copenhagen



Two-time winner of the World’s 50 Best Restaurants Award for sustainability, Relæ in Copenhagen, pride themselves on serving Michelin Star cuisine with an ethical footprint.


Based on the Northern tip of the City, Relæ is part of a chain of restaurants under the ownership of Noma Alumnus Christian Puglisi.

Waiting staff apply their culinary knowledge to each and every dish. No leaf is left unturned, no story is left untold, and absolutely no morsel of food is left unused.

Their transparent virtues have led them to becoming a leader in sustainable cuisine, with aficionados eager to join the Relæ movement.

jump! took the opportunity to participate in the Relæ experience, with a bird’s eye view of the kitchen in motion.



Here is what it takes to make sustainability magnetic!

 Serving of Stories:

Waiting staff provided a thorough introduction to the restaurant, guiding us through the process and provenance of each course. The restaurant is open plan, with an exposed kitchen inviting customers to watch, chat and participate. Relæ break down the barriers between kitchen and restaurant, extending their offerings by providing an interactive dining experience.


Locally Seasoned:

Fruit and vegetables are harvested on the Relæ farm free from pesticides and only 45 minutes away. Sourdough is fermented and baked across the road in their bakery Mirabelle, while cheese is cultivated locally in Puglisi’s Bæst pizzeria. The entire lifecycle of each meal begins at Relæ and ends at Relæ.


A Side Dish of Scraps:

Relæ is renowned for breathing life into leftover produce.  Vegetable peels are transformed into jus, fish bones are pulverised to add flavour to butter sauce. Offal is artisan. Even leftover wine is turned into vinegar. If it’s edible, it’s eaten. And where do their coffee beans go? Two doors down to Beyond Coffee, where it’s harvested into delicious oyster mushrooms.



And here are three provocations to apply the Relæ experience to your brand:


A Serving of Stories: How can you encourage customers to participate in your movement?


Locally Seasoned: How can your brand help people to make more informed decisions to help reduce potential barriers in their lifestyle?


A side dish of scraps: How can your brand help turn negative perceptions into something attractive or of value?


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