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Playful prototyping with John West




Develop a pipeline of innovation in a new category for John West

Idea Worth Buying

We created stimulating innovation start-points which were inspired by consumer conversations and in-home ethnographic work.

We wanted the team to really experience the potential of each innovation opportunity zone we explored. So, tight rope walking and circus skills are now an addition to a number of the team’s CVs!

Then, using sensorial ideation tools and techniques, with the John West team, we invented a range of high potential concepts. We prototyped these concepts, in real-time, during the session, for the team to touch and taste.

Working with John West’s product development teams, we developed, tested and refined a range of products, both qualitatively and then quantitatively using the jump! 4Vs concept testing method.

Delicious innovation from one of Britain and Ireland’s best loved brands!




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