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Welcome to SIN; a new creative thinking tool from jump!

There’s an old quip about asking for directions in Ireland which leads to the answer “well, if I was going there I wouldn’t start from here”. That’s kind of our philosophy for innovation and brand positioning; we believe in constantly looking for new start points leading to unexpected, eye-opening and rewarding journeys.

It’s important. We have a responsibility as marketers and innovationists to anticipate and lead; to relentlessly add to our brands’ stories. The alternative is to sit and wait, to be bounced around by market forces more daring and compelling than the dreams we create. And marketing is very much about creating dreams, tantalising and titillating, stimulating a wild demand for what it is we are charged with selling.

We must therefore relentlessly pursue that which makes us distinctive and exhilarating.

To help us all rise up to this challenge, we offer you each year a word which we encourage and help you play around with in order to change the journey your brands are on. It’s meant to be provocative; after all, if we’re to disrupt the market we must first learn to disrupt ourselves.

Let’s get on with it then; let’s discover the virtues of ‘SIN’.

Sounds strange – “the virtues of ‘SIN’” – but when you think about it, the seven deadly sins are really some of the most powerful human behaviours we can tap into; so powerful that they were set aside (by Gregory the Great) as damnable.

Well damn it Greg, we’re taking them back.

We want you, the next time you find yourself heading down the well-worn paths of simplicity, progression, control etc., to change direction and dabble with damnation, to play with SIN. Change the journey.

Email us at hello@jumpinnovates.com or send us a tweet @jumpinnovation with questions or queries on how SIN can grow your business.

Sinfully yours,


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