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A heritage worth buying




Failte Ireland wanted Ireland’s Built Heritage to be as big a reason to visit Ireland as it’s scenery and people are.

A powerful positioning for the brand was required as well as tools that could equip the Built Heritage tourism industry to bring the positioning alive.

Idea Worth Buying

By experiencing our ‘product’ and listening to the needs of target visitors from Ireland, Europe and the USA, we helped the FI team create a positioning that tapped into the hidden strengths of Ireland’ Built Heritage.

Each castle, garden and museum in Ireland is a hub of exploration that can fast track people to the heart of Ireland’s story. The opportunity here was to position Ireland as a wonderful opportunity for the world’s ‘story seekers’.

It was also critical to equip and empower everyone delivering Ireland’s Built Heritage experience to bring the positioning alive. jump! created the content for a set of Failte Ireland materials to help Built Heritage people and owners find. tell and live the story of their Built Heritage destination.




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