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Not ‘Segments’, Real People!



The Challenge

In order to meet needs better, the O2 insights team wanted to understand their target segments as real people and go beyond ‘numbers on a page’.

Our challenge was to enliven the segment in an exciting and thought-provoking way.


Idea Worth Buying

We wanted the O2 team to get a deep and intuitive understanding of the new segments; their day to day lives, their needs; their dreams; their challenges.

We invited O2 to join us and actively participate on our journey of discovery. So they came to people’s homes with us; they hung out with people in pubs; they chatted while they shared casual meals out.

We created an experiential debrief to get people closer to our real insight into real people. We brought the team out and about in the city to experience some of the big themes hands on. They immersed themselves in the findings, meeting people from the segments en route who brought colour and amazing stimulation to the experience.




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