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Goodness with Guinness




The Arthur Guinness Fund had contributed positively to Ireland by awarding funds to social entrepreneurs. It was another part of Guinness’ history of using its resource to positively impact society.

The team wanted to re-imagine and re-purpose the Arthur Guinness Fund to fulfil its social remit but bring a wider, positive impact to people.

Idea Worth Buying

We were inspired, surprisingly, by the falling of the Berlin Wall. To our minds, the wall fell not because of political will but by the small action of thousands of people.

Guinness had the potential to inspire ‘lots of small’ in order to create big that could help people out with ideas and projects that contribute positively to the greater good.

From this start point, and building on a cross agency innovation workshop facilitated by jump!, the Guinness team developed The Arthur Guinness Projects. This is a now a major initiative to inspire, help, fund and publicise brilliant ideas from people in the field of Arts, Music, Sport and Food.




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