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The Reinvention of Normal




“I’ve always had this feeling that time’s running out, like we only get a certain amount of time on the Earth – and like, you know, you’ve got to contribute something”


It’s hard to come up with a new idea – every day most people take inspiration from other sources and fashion something new from it. There’s nothing wrong with improving upon an old idea – but imagine what it feels like to be the guy who created algebra, or electricity, or the stapler?

Meet Dominic Wilcox – a true inventor who’s on a mission to reinvent the normal. In this film by Liam Saint-Pierre you discover the beauty of the man’s imaginnovation (a new found word we like – pretty self-explanatory meaning). In this film he explains all his musings on how he sees the world – and we love it. It embodies our sleeves rolled up hands on be brave dirty innovation spirit, and as any of you who have a jump! dirty book of innovation know, we love adding the extra to the ordinary.

We particularly liked the football smoothie maker – hits two birds with one stone.

“Go straight off the wall” his dad says – and so should you. If you come up with the most insane unthinkable unimaginable concept you should roll with it. You can always work backwards, fit it retrospectively into the real world – that way your idea will be as forward thinking as possible. Just don’t become the unrequited handshake guy on his watch.


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